An efficient home

is a better home

Use our Home Retrofit App to create a plan that fits your budget.

We are with you every step of the way

Our parent company is a licensed TrustMark Scheme Provider.

Plan what's best for you

An efficient and low carbon home is good for your health and good for your budget but it requires specialist knowledge and careful planning.

That’s why we develop a digital replica of your home so together we can simulate, compare and plan different options for making your home more energy efficient.

Assess before you invest

Understanding the condition of your home before implementing your chosen Retrofit Plan is our way of avoiding unwanted surprises.

We arrange for one of our TrustMark qualified Assessors in your area to visit your home and perform a detailed survey to our exacting standards.

Using our specialist data collection service we make it easy for you to obtain accurate competitive quotes.

Making an efficient home affordable

Use our Home Retrofit App and learn how to identify, finance and implement your energy efficiency plan.

Our trained consultants are available to walk you through your options, discuss building costs and assist with arranging finance.

Getting what you expected

We help you create an installation plan that is focused on what you want, we help you choose a TrustMark Accredited Contractor and ensure you enter into a quality assured contract.

During the works we oversee the contract and on completion we visit your home to ensure the works meet industry quality standards.

How it Works?

Enter your

your plan

Home assessment
and finance

Get quotes from
vetted suppliers

Quality assurance
and verified outcomes

Our Services


£3.95 /month

Ever wished you would like to make your home more energy efficient but you
did not know where to go for independent and affordable advise.

RetroPlanner is an easy to use web app for modelling, planning and costing
energy efficiency improvements to one or more of your residential

It is also an ideal tool for Landlords who need to improve the EPC
rating of their properties.

If you subscribe for our Annual Plan we provide a FREE consultation for your
chosen Retrofit Pathway and we help you establish your eligibility for a


From £595

Having selected your retrofit pathway we now arrange for one of our qualified
assessors in your area to visit your home and collect all the information
required to design and cost your selected pathway.

Following the survey we will provide you with a Home Improvement Report. Also, one of our technical consultants will discuss the results of the survey with you before preparing a Contractor Request for Proposal (RFP). This is a key document where we specify in technical terms what you want the end result to be from your investment.

When you are ready you can make your Request for Proposal available to one or more of our TrustMark registered installers to quote for the work. We can also work with you to onboard your local builder as long as they meet our quality standards. Finally, we discuss the supplier responses with you and help you enter into a quality assured contract.



During the installation period we provide coordination services and liaise with your contractor. We enforce the lodgement of compliance documents with TrustMark and we perform a post installation evaluation to make sure everything specified in your Request for Proposal has been installed. Any faults identified by the Assessor are passed to your supplier for corrective action.

On completion we provide a new EPC certificate and an end of project report comparing the actual performance of your improved home against the estimate provided by its digital replica. Also, we help resolve any disputes by enforcing the TrustMark dispute resolution code of conduct.

Finally, we include a 12 month subscription to RetroHealth – a monitoring and energy efficiency service. By monitoring energy use your dashboard will keep you informed of the health of your home.


£3.95 /month

An energy monitoring service for controlling cost and reporting on the energy efficiency of your home.

By installing a smart meter we are able to collect energy consumption data and compare actual energy use against the outcomes anticipated by your Retrofit Plan. Also, with the benefit of smart meter data we can adopt an evidence based approach to resolving installer disputes, as well as providing you with advice on good energy practice.

Comfort has become expensive and it can be difficult to keep energy bills under control. For a minimal outlay RetroHealth helps you make decisions that will have an impact on your energy bill and carbon footprint. The first 12 months are FREE with RetroAssure.

Our Partners

Not only do you benefit but our planet benefits as well

Property Value

Energy savings are not the only benefit. Increasing a homes EPC can also increase the value of your home.

Peace of Mind

Poor workmanship can cause future damage to your property and its value. Let us help manage the risk for you.

Use Less Energy

TrustMark is the only Government Endorsed Quality Scheme covering home improvements in or around the home.

Healthier World

Burning less gas, oil and wood for heating and hot water not only benefits our health but also the environment.

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