Making Retrofit Happen

TrustMark protection built into every step of the way

Design & Consult

Reducing energy waste and your energy consumption is our goal. We work with you to arrive at the optimal energy efficiency design and we assist with arranging finance. Every step of our service from design to completion includes TrustMark protections. Now that’s a first!

Assess & Quote

A qualified assessor visits your home to collect all the data we require to prepare your retrofit specification. We help you obtain competitive quotes from our TrustMark registered Retrofit Contractors. All our contractors have to comply with the terms of our Net Zero Retrofit Framework.

Install & Check

We oversee the installation process from briefing the contractor, collecting compliance data during installation through to checking the works have been carried out correctly. Our qualified technicians deal with queries and make sure the work gets done quickly and efficiently.

With you every step of the way

Here is what you can expect from Retrogreen


£3.95 / month

Our home planning tool to map out a customised, costed plan for achieving greater energy efficiency in your home

Step 1

Click here to get started and in less than a minute create a digital replica of your home. We use information you give us, your most recent EPC (if available), data from Land Registry and information obtained from other publicly available sources.

Step 2

We automatically create an energy efficiency plan based on your preferred retrofit pathway – Reduce Cost, Improve EPC and Upgrade Equipment. You can change your pathway and selected measures at anytime.

Step 3

Your home model is interactive – have a play to get things just right for you and your home. RetroPlanner allows you to see which measures have the greatest impact on your energy demand or provide the best financial return.

Step 4

Once you are happy submit your Retrofit Plan for one of our qualified home retrofit coordinators to review. We will discuss with you the suitability of the proposed measures and the benefits of having a TrustMark registered assessor visit your home.

How you will benefit from RetroPlanner

Rely on our independent advice for unbiased recommendations.

Independent Advice

Explore solutions customised to your preferences.

Customised to You

Understand costs and benefits for informed decisions.

Cost & Benefits Analysis

Develop a personalised home retrofit plan.

Energy Efficiency Plan


From £595

A home assessment, consultation, specification and supplier contracting service.

Step 1

We arrange for a trained and accredited assessor equipped with our own advanced assessment tool to visit your home. We collect detailed data on every aspect of your property and how you live in it.

Step 2

Following the visit your appointed coordinator will arrange a time convenient to you to discuss the results of the survey. Together you can agree if any changes need to be made to your Retrofit Plan.

Step 3

We prepare a Contractor Request for Proposal ready for you to share with your chosen TrustMark approved suppliers.

Step 4

We check the proposal and contract received from your selected supplier for compliance with your Request for Proposal and our Terms & Conditions.

How you will benefit from RetroAssure

Our Assessor checks the measures are suitable for your home.

Suitable Measures Confirmed

We provide a specification of works for you to obtain quotes.

Competitive Bids for Works

All our recommended contractors are monitored and audited by us.

Vetted TrustMark Contractor

All our tradespeople operate to the TrustMark Framework Operating Requirements.

Legal Protection


£ Included

A trusted quality assurance framework for managing energy efficiency improvements.

Step 1

We start by giving your contractor a briefing on the overall aims of your project and any constraints or special conditions that were identified during the planning stage.

Step 2

We request that your contractor uploads key compliance documents and photographs of the works they have done in your home.

Step 3

Prior to completion we will arrange for a qualified assessor to review the works undertaken have followed best practice.

Step 4

The final stage is to ensure you are familiar with any new equipment and to support you in resolving any contractual disputes.

How you will benefit from RetroVerify

Our qualified staff will oversee your project.

Retrofit Manager

All our scheme contractors have to meet minimum standards.

Enforcement of Best Practices

Our qualified assessor checks your works for compliance.

Post Works Evaluation Visit

Key work items automatically include insurance backed guarantees.

Insurance Backed Guarantees


£3.95 / month

An energy monitoring service for controlling cost and reporting on the energy efficiency of your home.

Step 1

During RetroVerify we will work with you to arrange for a smart meter to be installed in your home.

Step 2

After the meter has been installed we will ask your permission to commence monitoring your energy consumption.

Step 3

Once we have collected more than 3 months of winter energy consumption data we will notify you if we think your home is not performing as expected.

Step 4

To help get started we have included 12 months subscription

How you will benefit from RetroHealth

We analyse data collected from your smart meter.

Verified Savings

We provide advice on how to get the best out of your retrofit.

Energy Advice

Our App helps you control energy use and cost.

Cost Control

We let you know if your home uses more energy than forecast.

Peace of Mind

Let’s get Started

Enter your post code and let our Home Retrofit App build a digital replica of your home so that you can develop an energy efficiency plan that is right for you and your home.

Purchase an annual subscription for the reduced price of £39.50 and we will kick start the process by providing a 30 minute FREE consultation with one of our qualified retrofit technicians.

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