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SAP, or Standard Assessment Procedure, stands as a cornerstone in the United Kingdom’s quest for energy efficiency and environmental responsibility in residential buildings. But what exactly does it mean for homeowners seeking to improve their energy efficiency? Enter Retrogreen’s SAP modelling retrofit service, designed to turn SAP data into actionable plans for a greener, more cost-effective future.


What is SAP?

SAP is a critical tool used in the United Kingdom to evaluate and compare the energy efficiency and environmental performance of residential buildings. It considers factors such as insulation, heating systems, lighting, and ventilation to provide a comprehensive analysis of a property’s overall energy performance.

SAP ratings are essential for compliance with building regulations and are commonly required for new constructions or major renovations. These ratings serve to inform potential buyers or tenants about a property’s energy efficiency, with higher SAP ratings indicating lower energy consumption and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. SAP plays a vital role in promoting sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of buildings.


How can Retrogreen’s SAP modelling retrofit service help you?

Retrogreen’s ‘With You All The Way’ retrofit service starts with SAP, ensuring a solution with tangible results. Using ourRetroPlanner, we are able to create a digital, interactive replica of your property – mapping out a completely customisable plan for your home. Based on your preferred pathway, the energy efficiency plan will allow you to see how you can reduce energy costs, upgrade equipment and improve your overall EPC rating. In fact, according to the Greener Homes Report from Rightmove, properties improving their EPC rating from an E to C saw an average increase in value of 7% (£26,033). Therefore, increasing your property value to potential buyers and investors is one of the many benefits we can help you to achieve.

The RetroPlanner offers you a variety of options, showcasing which measures have the greatest impact on your energy demand or provide the best financial return. It’s a homeowners roadmap to a greener, more cost-effective future.


What are the benefits of SAP modelling?

1. Precision in energy efficiency

SAP modelling allows for a detailed analysis of your home’s energy consumption, helping to identify specific areas of improvement. This precision ensures that retrofitting efforts are maximised to increase the impact of energy efficiency.

2. Cost-effective solutions

By identifying the most impactful areas for energy efficiency improvements, homeowners can potentially save hundreds of pounds a year on their energy bills by upgrading and/or switching out current systems.

3. Compliance with building regulations

Another benefit of SAP calculations is to ensure home retrofits are compliant with building regulations and meet specific energy performance targets. Our RetroPlanner creates all plans in-line with current building regulations.

4. Enhanced Carbon footprint visibility

One of the standout features of SAP modelling is the ability to quantify a property’s carbon footprint – giving full transparency to a home’s environmental impact. Our RetroPlanner can use this data to generate the best possible solutions to lower greenhouse gas emissions and increase EPC ratings.


To summarise, our retrofit service transforms SAP data into actionable plans – providing homeowners with a clear guide to a greener and a more cost-effective future. We connect you with TrustMark approved assessors and contractors to ensure all works meet industry quality standards. As a TrustMark scheme provider, our team is committed to helping you through every step of your retrofit journey.

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